Green guy


Bricks park Phase2


Green guy


-Quantum helmet(resin parts)

-Green guy minifig 1ea, helmet, Phase 2 case, numbering Tile

-Limited 50 for outside Korea

2 choices of packing: 

--Basic: Metal case with soft cushion

--Upgrade version: New BP acrylic case with A logo

     Contains the A logo inside the Phase 2 case. 

     Strong case of new custom acrylic material


- Launch scheduled for July

Bricks Park 'Green Guy' minifigure


    - New custom helmet(open&close)

     -> resin parts

    - UV printing

    - Dark purple body

    - 1 helmet, 1 hair parts, 1 minifigure

    - Numbering tile, New Packaging Case

    - Global Limited 50 / Korea Limited 50 

     ->a total of 100 productions 

    - Launch scheduled for July