The family makes her a better person - and she reciprocate with her ultimate sacrifice.

She may not be the strongest of the team, but she is definitely one of those with the strongest will .


We honor her with the best version ever been done so far.


It is pad-printed in the highest industrial standard. It comes with a finely-crafted custom hair , weapons and a back pack. 

She is printed on all sides on the torso & legs, same as the new standard we set up since Whiplord.

To print this minifigure with this insane level of detail, it takes about dozens of custom made steel molds. 


Limited 120 pieces, they will not be remade.


---- These images are only 3D renders, actual product may differ ----


每個人都曾經歷迷茫之時,她的家庭把她帶上正途 。

她或許不是最強的一員,但她定是意志最堅定的一位 !

我們為紀念這一位勇敢的英雄制作了最好的人仔 !


為了鉅細無遺地表達其細節,我們繼續使用了最高級的pad print 技術,並把幾乎所有能印的表面都印上了  ,包括自Whiplord以內我們定下的新標準- 腿內側也印上,做到每條腿也是四面對位印刷 。

由於印刷需要逐色逐色地印 ,每隻人仔需要的印刷次數非常多,難道跟前作不遑多讓。



收過我們星戰系列及英雄人物的朋友都了解,這次作品不能錯過 !

我們希望為大家的收藏添加一個精雕細琢的逸品 !




--- 圖片為電腦模擬,實際商品有差異 ---

LBxLCM Soul Agent

  • *Very advanced Pad printed on 4 sides of genuine Lego parts.


    *Comes as limited edition of no more than 120