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The White Ronin

- 2x Face Prints on 2x Heads, Closed Eyes, Rosario Likeness and Animated Style
- 2x Face Prints on 2x Heads, Sith Eyes, Rosario Likeness and Animated Style (Free Gift)
- 1x "Cloak with Hood Up" Piece (All in 1 piece)
- 1x "Cloak with Hood Down" Piece (Separate piece from the "Expansion Lekku"; only works with the "Expansion Lekku", the "Normal Lekku" included in the base Ahsoka set or any other Lekku would not fit)
- 1x "Expansion Lekku" Piece (Separate piece from the "Cloak with Hood Down" Piece; designed to work with the "Cloak with Hood Down" Piece; won't look the best without "Cloak with Hood Down" Piece as the gap between the "Expansion Lekku" and the body of the minifigure would be too much, creating a floating look)

The White Ronin Expansion by Baggles Studio X Legend C MOC

Out of Stock
  • Custom making is subject to many factors (including covid) which could lead to delays, so it is hard to estimate a completion date. We do not have a control or gurantee on production time.

    We update on Instagram constantly and try to ship as soon as we can. (@legendcmoc)


    Due to the nature of custom minifigure , all orders are final and cannot be canceled .

    Once an order is shipped, we do not have any control on transit or delivery.


    Shipping often encounter delays these days due to covid, custom checks and many other reasons. Sometimes it can be very slow but unfortunately the shipper cannot affect their speed.




    Please make sure the address is complete and correct ( includ. phone no. & email ).

    If you have any questions , please text us first at:




    Frequently asked questions:

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