We made a 4 SW figs since 2018, and they remain to be some of our favourites.

With the tremendous requests and support from our devoted collectors, we decided to do a little 'homecoming project' , and go back to where we started.

With a year of real-life experience, we are able to employ the most sohphisticated pad-printing technique for our minifigures at the best value. As usual, to make the our minifigure more fun, we take the challenge to do 4-side matching of pad printing on each and every side of the parts, including the inner side of legs. 

This newly acquired technique allows the best representation of the design.


Each of these carerfully made minifigure comes with a pad-printed helmet and a custom blaster. The minifigure and the helmet are painted in matching etallic color. Each of them is a piece of jewel in the world of minifigure. Limited 60 pieces each only, these will be a collection you cannot miss ! ---- These images are only 3D renders, actual product may differ ----


精彩的一周年剛過,藉著支持的強烈要求及支持下,我們來一趟'Homecoming project',回到吸引我們挑戰制作人仔的題材  !  

在金屬底色上面,這款人仔上幾乎所有能印的表面都印上了 (Pad Print) ,包括腿內側。除了極細緻的印刷外,本作品還包含一個同樣金屬配色的頭盔,以及一支武器。 收過我們系到的朋友都了解,這次作品不能錯過 !我們希望為大家的收藏添加一個精雕細琢的逸品 ! --- 圖片為電腦模擬,實際商品有差異

---* Pad printed on 4 sides of genuine Lego parts.

* Metallic paint used for the pattern on the dress.

* Limited 60 pieces ( Rose gold edition )

* Limited 60 pieces ( Gold edition )

LB X LCM Galaxy Trooper

  • *High cost procedures of pad printing on 4 sides of genuine Lego parts

    *Custom molded weapon using high-quality ABS plastic for perfect matching 

    *Limited to 60 worldwide