This is the most sohphisticated Pad-printed minifigure ever made ! 

It has all the fine detail to show the transition of the nano-suit during battle.

Our designer Erik used a total of 140 colors on the design.

To print this minifigure with this insane level of detail, it takes 25 custom made steel mold. 

Each minifigure has to be printed for around 100 times , a total of 10,000 times for making 100 minifigures !

With this minifigure, we want to make the best and most detailed work for the minifigure community , and hope it serves as the most precious gem in your collection!

We will make no more than 120 minifigures for our supporters! 


今次我們制作的是一隻難度超高的人仔 !



由於印刷需要逐層逐層的印 ,每隻人仔需要分約100 次印。



所以這次是我們迄今為止最大的挑戰  !

為了生產這隻人仔,我們需要足夠的支持 !


我們現在開放預訂 當達到足夠指標 我們便會立即安排生產

為了回饋各位的支持,希望為群組裡的大家制作一個精雕細琢的收藏品 !



LBxLCM The Steel Defender ( Battle damage limited edition )

  • *Highly-advanced Pad printed on 4 sides of genuine Lego parts.

    *Around 100 times of pad-print per figure, making it the most detailed minifigure ever made!

    *Comes as limited edition of no more than 120