We made a Steel Defender back in October, and it was sold out in a day of preorder.

It was the most sohphisticated Pad-printed minifigure ever made ! 

To make the game more fun, we take the challenge to a new level.


Our designer Erik used uncountable colors to represent the subtle details of the design. It is a work that intend to spare no expense but to bring out the best-possible quality.


To print this minifigure with this insane level of detail, it takes about 20 custom made steel molds. 

Each minifigure has to be printed for around 100 times , a total of 10,000 times for making 100 minifigures !



The sword is a custom molded sword with fire painted effect.

The cape is a new innovation to minifigure , and it is very carefully design in special material.

We will make no more than 120 minifigures for our supporters! 


---- These images are only 3D renders, actual product may differ ----


繼Steel Defender後,我們繼續向難度挑戰 !



由於印刷需要逐層逐層的印 ,每隻人仔需要分約100 次印。


對於收過我們星戰系列及Steel Defender的朋友都了解,我們都非常重視品質


我們現在開放預訂 當達到足夠指標 我們便會立即安排生產

為了回饋各位的支持,希望為群組裡的大家制作一個精雕細琢的收藏品 !




頭髮pad printed


--- 圖片為電腦模擬,實際商品有差異 ---

LBxLCM Mystic Artist (Ultimate edition)

  • *Very advanced Pad printed on 4 sides of genuine Lego parts.

    *Around 100 times of pad-print per figure, making it the most detailed minifigure ever made!

    *Comes as limited edition of no more than 120