LBxLCM special release - Handpainted War Damage MK1


This version of  MK1 is fully remade on the 3D level with bullet holes and crushed pattern.

The parts are separately molded with damage effect, printed and then undergone handpaint treatment by artists.

Very limited release , grab yours before they are gone !


Ready soon and shipping with the normal MK1 release

*Picture for reference, actual product may differ

LBxLCM special release - Handpainted War Damage MK1

  • We are happy to announce our  new line - the LCM Star. The choice of characters would be MUCH wider, with NOT just superhero, but famous / iconic figures too. The more simple ,original design focusing on the true beauty of minifigures.. Most printing will be in the front ( just like what original minifigures are ), so that it is very cost friendly and to more collectors and are great for display.
    Presenting, the first of the line, with the same high printing and quality standard but a minimalistic design. Take your chance to own this masterpiece!

    - Professional pad printed of official parts

    - Very high quality of printing and parts

    - 2 faces printed on one head

    - Fully pad printed even on all the faces
    - Comes with 2 gun and a custom hair 

    - Comes with optional 2-head set. If you get this option too, you will get 6 faces to swap .



    Order now to enjoy your current preorder discount!

    May everyone stay safe and healthy and our world will be great again soon!