To complete your set of most beautifully crafted minifigure, we have made a new member for the team - The Tree Guy

It is pad-printed in the highest industrial standard. It comes with a finely-crafted custom head and a beautiful weapon , a KING's weapon. It will come with a little part to surprise you too.

To print this minifigure with this insane level of detail, it takes about dozens of custom made steel molds. The minifigure is pad- printed on all sides, including the inner sides of the legs.


Limited 120 pieces, they will not be remade.


---- These images are only 3D renders, actual product may differ ----


繼Steel Defender, Mystic Artist, Hero及Whiplord 後,我們繼續向難度挑戰 !

請迎接這一位勇敢的英雄 !


為了鉅細無遺地表達其細節,我們繼續使用了最高級的pad print 技術,並把幾乎所有能印的表面都印上了  ,包括腿內側

由於印刷需要逐色逐色地印 ,每隻人仔需要的印刷次數非常多,難道跟前作不遑多讓。


另外 我們亦創作了一個非常精緻的武器- 一支屬於帝皇的武器,是人仔配件中的一個珍品。


收過我們星戰系列及英雄人物的朋友都了解,這次作品不能錯過 !

我們希望為大家的收藏添加一個精雕細琢的逸品 !




--- 圖片為電腦模擬,實際商品有差異 ---

LBxLCM Tree Guy

  • *Very advanced Pad printed on 4 sides of genuine Lego parts.


    *Comes as limited edition of no more than 120