We are very excited to finally announce our latest creation , a highly anticipated character packed with groundbreaking new technology, and the successor of the Hero - THE NEXT DEFENDER

The highly collectible premium minifigure has received a lot of support even before our official announcement, and only a small amount of quota is left. With our high level of printing technology and power to innovate new frontier for minifigure, we are sure to bring you another impressive LBxLCM creation into your collection!


Each minifigure is metallic-colored to represent the unique nano-suit armor. The minifigure is fully pad printed ( on all sides including the inner sides of the legs) by close to 100 manufacturing procedures. The standard edition comes with a dual-side printed Lego head with different emotions. To recreate the iconic Iron Claws- one of the most important weapons of the character, we expertly crafted a fully metallic backpack based on the stylish appearance of character with the most up-to-date details. This innovative weapon pack is molded in rigid light-weight metal in mutiple parts, and anodized to give the authentic metal color and texture that plastic cannot imitate. The middle joint has around 100° maneverble, and the tightness can be adjusted. You can recreate various exciting moments with the help of this backpack.


The uprade pack comes with exciting parts that you cannot miss! It comes with TWO newly developed masked head molded by multiple parts for best light-up effect. The two interchangeable heads come with tailor-made extremely small LED for light-up function (Blue color & Red color respectively) to recreate the normal look and the deadliest kill mode.

We can order the wireless power pad for you. It is made by third party.


The standard edition of NEXT DEFENDER Collectible minifigure specially features:

- Authentic and most detailed version of the character

- Pad printed with the best printing craftmenship of around 100 manufacturing procedures

- The first light-weight metal part with posing maneverbility

- Newly developed backpack with 4 points of articulation of around 100° each, and the tightness can be adjusted with the screw system

- Backpack maximum height around 8cm , maximum width around 7cm

- A dual-side printed Lego head and a hair

* NEW BONUS: We are happy to announce: having received numberours request for a printed red head, we will include it into the standard edition! It will be in matching metallic color and pad printed.


The uprade pack of NEXT DEFENDER comes with:
- One (1) newly developed interchangeable masked head with LED light-up function (Blue color, wireless power operated- power not included)

- One (1) newly developed interchangeable masked head with LED light-up function (Red color, wireless power operated- power not included)

LBxLCM Next Defender

  • Standard :

    1x minifigure with dual-side printed head

    1x Metal backpack

    1x red printed masked head


    Upgrade pack

    1x molded head with blue LED ( power not included )

    1x molded head with red LED ( power not included )