What techniques do you use for printing?

We use pad printing! Printing is the main focus for our brand, and the thing that sets us apart from all the others. You may not know, but currently, our printing techniques are the most advanced in the world! Most of our main line products are professionally pad printed over 100 times!

What is pad printing?

Pad printing, also called tampography or tampo printing, is a complicated printing process where a silicon pad takes a 2-D image from a laser engraved (etched) printing plate (also called cliché) and transfers it to a 3-D object.

How do you manage to achieve such detailed minifigures?

Most pad printing machines create two colours in one go, however, our machines create 6-8 colours in one go, allowing us precision and total control over our printing, which is often unachievable by other manufacturers. As a result, we are able to print more detailed designs than most official or custom minifigure suppliers.

What are your personal lines like?

Our personal line: LCM Star Line, is minimalist in style; focused on providing the best possible printing. Every Star line product is polished and looks incredible when displayed with official and custom minifigures alike.

Our new line, Middle Earth, is a dedicated collection for true fans of Middle Earth. It consists of 5 members that have joined us over the last 9 months and we are hoping to have the full Fellowship soon!

Why is it taking so long to dispatch my order?

We are a reseller as well as a supplier of our own minifigure lines. Most brands we work with have different manufacturing schedules and work with different factories. For products that have already arrived and are ready to be shipped out, it usually takes 1-2 weeks maximum for us to sort and ship the products.

For "ready soon" products, it usually takes 2-4 weeks for the products to be shipped to us and then another 1-2 weeks for us to sort and ship the products.

Preorder products are at the very start of the manufacturing process. It usually takes 1-6 months to have these products ready for shipping, and the time depends significantly on the amount of minifigures being produced, the availability of parts, their design and complexity. For the most recent updates, we suggest checking the brands' respective Instagram accounts.

Why has my order not arrived yet?

We sincerely apologize for any delays.

Shipping usually takes 1-3 weeks to the USA, Asia and Europe. Shipping to the UK, Australia and Canada takes longer due to transit delays. Please note that products may take longer than usual to arrive to you because of the shipping delays caused by COVID-19. You can track your parcel at

Where are your packages shipped from?

We ship from Hong Kong, our shop address is:

Shop 116 , shop 139, In's Point,530-538 Nathan Rd, Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong.

Do you ship packages internationally?

We use 100% tracked shipping and happily ship to most countries in the world including the USA, Asia, Europe, the UK, Australia and Canada.

What are the postage costs?

For express shipping, the costs are 90HKD (11USD).
We also offer expedited shipping, for which the costs are 350HKD (45USD).

What does in transit mean?

The label "in transit" means that we have dispatched your parcel to the local postal office. Your parcel is now travelling to the destination postal dispatch centre or post office, where a local driver or delivery person will be picking them up.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept card payments and Paypal.

Do you offer loyalty points?

At the moment, we do not offer any loyalty points, however the team is considering adding this option in the near future! Stay tuned and subscribe to our email list to receive updates!