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Hello everyone! From now on, we will be posting the progress of the minifigure orders in the blog section, so please make sure to check our posts as we will update them regularly with production and shipping information.

Arrived & Shipping Out:

Hobby Brick dragonball Nuno Astronauts Life Brick homemade suit, Wanda Abnormal Brick Darkseid, Joker Police Babasin Valkyrie, Berserk Liberty Brick Ace, white beard, Yachiru Kusajishi , Luffy

Receiving soon/ shipping soon:

MF items LCM Thunder God and variant LCM Fearless Hero and variant Soulink Demon Slayer minifigure Jins' MK1 & Strange accessories TMB Loki

Almost completed:

LCM Major, What is Reality LCM Captain General Amazing Dr. Otto

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