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The COSMIC SUPERFAN arrives tonight !

Designed by TLC (@top_lego_creator ) & Legend C. MOC

The minifigure comes with:

- High quality pad printing!

- Extremely high colour count with over 140+ pad printing processes!  Making it one of our most complex minifigure ever!

- Metallic gold prints!
- Printing on the inner side of the legs!

- 360 degree bangle design, with UV effect patterns!

- 2 facial expressions!

- Custom Hair Piece

She also comes with exceptional amount of custom cosmic accessories, each individually painted by experienced hands! They are not the machine molded and colored and each is slightly different. 

- 2x Custom Cosmic Fist pieces (left and right hand)
- 2x Custom Cosmic Tiles (a big one and a smaller single one)
- Custom Cosmic Shield!


Out of Stock

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