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We are excited to reveal our next character in our Superhero Line:


She will be 360 degree pad Printed, including the inner side of the legs, front and rear arm printing, 4 different facial expressions and black finger tips!

It will come with 4 custom injection moulded pieces:
- a custom hair including her iconic crown piece
- a plastic skirt piece with a special "red to black" gradient effect and pad printed details on the front and rear
- 2x trans red magic pieces with bright red gradient effect in the centre



And our Red Witch doesn't come alone! Let us present you:

Legend C MOC - Possessed Witch

An Expansion to our Red Witch!

She is a full minifigure and come with high quality pad printed design with 2 facial expressions and a custom hair piece!

She will be available at the same time as our Red Witch!

LCM The Red Witch & Possessed Witch

  • *Highly-advanced Pad printed on 4 sides of genuine Lego parts.

    *Around 130 times of pad-print per figure, making it the most detailed minifigure ever made!

    *Comes as limited edition of no more than 100 

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